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CRIA constructs the platform of information exchange as to accurately publicize the development of its members and the latest progress of technology, products and application in a timely way; meanwhile, to facilitate the communication among members and related enterprises, improve the efficiency and quality of publicity and information and other related works of CRIA. At present, such platforms are China Robot Industry Alliance Newsletter and China Robot Industry Alliance Website (http: / / )

China Robot Industry Alliance Newsletter is an information platform for its members and the robot industry. It reports latest work of CRIA's, industrial development, sharing information and discussion of hot issues. Its columns are the Alliance's Work, Expert Perspective, Enterprise Trend, Industry Development etc. Through CRIA's correspondent network, we are able to absorb the advanced experiences, share the frontier information and promote the members.

China Robot Industry Alliance Website (http: / / ) is the official website of CRIA's launched officially on July 31, 2013, it came as a leading website of robot industry in China. Aiming to set up an industrial information sharing platform, it is committed to providing timely, accurate and comprehensive industrial information, market analysis, comments and predictions regarding the robots in order to facilitate its browsers with understanding of robot knowledge and the global robot market.

The website offers information such as release of industrial information, the Alliance's works, the member company news, policies and regulations, industrial standards, products information and users inquires, information about products technology and solutions, organization of conferences, exhibitions and training related to the robot.


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China Robot Industry Alliance Newsletter (Monthly)