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The main operations of CRIA
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The main operations of CRIA

Industry Research & Promotion

To conduct research on the robotics industry's economic operation status, technology and market development, publish the market report, study the industry development trend, formulate the industry development plan, put forward policy suggestions and provide consultancy service, to promote the cooperation between producers and users and regional collaborations as well, to foster the market and to promote the development and application of robot.


Information and statistics

In compliance with the Constitution, CRIA performs the management function of the statistics. It includes establishing statistical survey institution and publishing the statistics information regularly; organizing the statistics analysis of the economic status of the robot industry and the prediction of the industry's development trend; providing the information at home and abroad and consultancy for its members, and training on statistics for the members.



To promote the research, formulation and implementation of CRIA's standards; to organize the members participating in development and revision of the industry and state standards, to recommend and transfer the CRIA's standards into the industry and state standards; to strength the connection with domestic and overseas standardization organizations and to conduct publicity, training and consulting of the robot standards.


Exhibition & Conference

To organize the domestic and overseas robot exhibitions and related activities, to hold annual robotics development conference, to provide service related to exhibition and conferences for the members; to organize members' participating in global exhibitions and conferences; to work jointly with domestic and overseas robot organizations in terms of exhibition and conference activities.


International exchange

CRIA is the only national association member for China in the International Federation of Robotics. To establish and develop partnership with oversea robot organizations; to organize international cooperation and exchanges related to robot industry; to carry out the research and analysis on international trade of the robots, to provide proposals to the government on related financial and tariff policies and to provide consultancy to its members on foreign trade policies as well as overseas investment.