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Message from the Executive President
To vigorously promote the development of advanced manufacturing technology and equipments, with the typical representative of robots, is an important mean to the realization of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and service industries in China. Hence it is extremely meaningful to accelerate the sound and orderly development of the robot industry, to enhance the closer cooperation of the industry, universities, research institutes and application sectors, and to promote the widely application of robots in various fields. Therefore, under the guidance of related government departments and sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation(CMIF), China Robot Industry Alliance(CRIA), composed by manufactures, users, research institutes, colleges and universities, emerged voluntarily.
With roots deep into the industry and enterprises, CRIA will stick to its policy of "promoting the development and application of robots, and servicing to the government and enterprises" , through implementation of the state industrial policies and regulations, focusing on the needs of the industry development, market demands and the members' requirements, to work hard to promote the exchanges and collaboration between government and the industry, manufacturers and research institutes, upstream and downstream of the industry chain, producers and users, domestic and overseas institutions. Through coordination and integration of the resources, we are committed to making the CRIA a resource sharing and comprehensive servicing platform for stimulating the development and application of the robots in China.
We sincerely hope to work together closely with all the people with insights to promote the sound and orderly development of the robots industry and achieve the win-win situation.