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Innovation Collaboration Development Win-win
The main operations of CRIA
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Innovation   Collaboration   Development   Win-win

To study the development trend, formulate development plan and provide consultancy of the industry;

To collect and analyze the industrial information, study the development status of the industry and publish the reports of the industry operation;

To carry out the research, formulating and revision of the industrial standards;

To strength the deep collaboration among upstream and downstream companies, between the manufacturers and the users and the cooperation with the local areas, to accelerate the comprehensive application of robot technology and products;

To organize the conferences and exhibitions at home or abroad, while provide a platform for the promotion of products and technology;

To enhance the contacts and communication with overseas robots organizations so as to promote further cooperation with regional and international counterparts;

To conduct the research on trade and tariffs policies, establish the industry injury forecasting system and maintain the industry safety;

To promote the self-discipline among the robot industry, and protect the interests as well as legal rights of the enterprises';

To undertake the relevant works entrusted by the government and the members.